Great Plains Pilgrimage #30


Rector - Gail McCorkindale
Obs. Rector - James Turner
Head Cha - Lisa Turner
Camp Coordinator - Terri Mellor
Spiritual Advisors - Sally Carlson, Caryn Pederson, Al Zimmerman
Concierge (Outside & Transportation) - Carol Rudesill
Knees Room - Linda Baldwin, Julie Reeks
Palanca - Debby Westby
Dining Hall - Terri Mellor, Angie Widman
Music - Angie Madden, Dave Bennett, Lori Sadler, Debby Westby
Chapel - Cindy Black, Jennifer Bennett
Table Facilitator - Bev Engelmann, Chuck Sadler, Joyce Serenil, Josh Widman
Rollo Room - Lynda Shafer, Cyndee Widman
Table Cha - Diane Persing, Linda Roberts
Mentor & Floater & Photographer - Darlene Grandia
Photographer & Drama - Lisa Turner
Off site Cha & Banquet Help - Georgie Dudley

Priorities - James Turner
Laity - Angie Madden
Grace Given/Received - Al Zimmerman
Piety - Cindy Black
Obstacles to Grace - Caryn Pederson
Study - Diane Persing
Christian Action & Leaders - Josh Widman
Sacrements & A Life In Grace - Sally Carlson
Environment & Community In Action - Joyce Serenil
Tomorrow: Hope and Promise - Gail McCorkindale


Janie Botsch
Jody Botsch
Daniel R Danielson
Rae Lynn Danielson
Kathy Greni
Dorothy Kuehn
Carol Rosenau

Thanks SO much for your support through prayer!  This is our first time doing a modified (shortened) weekend and we are looking forward to being part of God's amazing plan.