Michigan Pilgrimage - Lake Michigan


Thank you for your prayers as we prepare for MP #59

Rector Schrader Jeff
Observing Rector Merritt Diana
Head Cha Moses Mary
Head Spiritual Advisor Ramsden Pastor Pat
Spiritual Advisor Oliver Pastor Jeff
Head Dining Room Cha Cox Marsha
Dining Room Cha Frick Evan
Dining Room Cha Moses Don *
Dining Room Cha Ludwig Joanna *
Head Music Cha Chaney Tammy
Music Cha
Music Cha
E-Cha  Meeting Room Chaney Tammy
Head Chapel Cha Schrader Jo
Chapel Cha Babins Terry
Chapel Cha Keitel Sue
Head Escort Cha Davidson Lindsay
Escort Cha Weber David
Head Snack Cha Stoner Gale
Snack Cha Goss Sally
Head Meeting Room Cha Bolick Ann
Table Cha Ludwig Joanna
Table Cha Frick Evan
Head Outside Cha Chaney Jeff *
Outside Cha Moses Don *
Outside Cha    
Head Palanca Cha Crawford Carole
Palanca Cha Snyder Gail
Palanca Cha Moses Mary
Table Leader Trainer Smith Greg
Table Leader Smith Greg
Asst Table Leader Mathis Debbie
Table Leader Mueller Laurie
Asst Table Leader Madison Katie
Trainer Yeckley Rich
Talk Coordinator Yeckley Rich
Speaker- Priorities Smith Greg
Speaker  - Grace Given Oliver Pastor Jeff
Speaker - Laity Schrader Jo
Speaker - Grace Received Ramsden Pastor Pat
Speaker - Piety Bolick Ann
Speaker- Study Cox Marsha
Speaker - Sacraments Ramsden Pastor Pat
Speaker - Action Merritt Diana
Speaker - Obstacles Oliver Pastor Jeff
Speaker - Leadership Madison Katie
Speaker - Environment Osterink Debbie
Speaker - Communities Goss Sally
Speaker - Life in Grace Ramsden Pastor Pat
Speaker - 4th day Schrader Jeff
Daily Devotions Coord. Trasky Julie
4th Day Head Cha Clark Sue Ann
    Prayer Banner Kelly Paige
    Pre weekend E-cha Clark Sue Ann
    Photographer TBD  
Registrar Yeckley Kathy
Rag Man Oliver Pastor Jeff
Head Clown Cha and Clown Schrader Jo
Clown 1 Davidson Lindsay
Clown 2 Moses Don
Mary Magdelene reading Ramsden Pastor Pat
Lodging Coordinator Clark Sue Ann *
Cabin Cha (men) Chaney Jeff
Cabin Cha (women) Goss Sally


Please join us in prayer for the following who are our pilgrims:

Roy Manning
Lori Peck
Kathleen Baker
Ileona Geroux
Doreen Redding
Kimberly Lumbard 
Chris Best